Platform Overview

Power Better Decisions
Drive Better Outcomes

Track real people, from their first "hello" to their most recent "thank-you". With complete journey transparency you can see each campaign click, every single on-site action, interaction, conversion and micro-conversion.

Collecting Data

Automate the complex and costly chore of instrumenting behavioral tracking, eliminate blindspots, and own your data

Automatically track all behaviors for anonymous and identified visitors

Trialfire integrates into your site with a single tracking tag, eliminating the need to add any custom tags or code to track on-site behaviors. Ensure you're always in the know by tracking every click, keypress, video play, and many other on-site interactions.

Associate all activity with real people

Everything tracked within Trialfire is associated to a person, allowing you to zoom in as deep as you need. No blindposts within individuals' journeys, or your audiences'.

Customer data ownership

Ownership means control. Having control over your data means complete visibility for compliance and data quality. Control gives you the freedom and flexibility to access the data with the tools you need, from BI and data warehouseing to marketing automation.

Connecting Data

Ensure a full 360 degree view of each individual in your audience

Connect customer data across online and offline channels

Unify all the relevant customer data across your organization, connecting onsite behavioral activity with data collected in internal systems like CRM, 3rd party platforms like ticketing systems, and any offline source.

Enrich your customer data from external sources

Enrich your customer profiles with data from social profiles, demographic databases, and other 3rd party sources to get even closer to the individuals in your audience.

Break down silos and align your teams on one version of the truth

By breaking down silos and centralizing customer data, your team is empowered to make decision based on a full view of customers.

Integrating Data

Turn-key integration with advertising platforms to centralize spend and ad performance data.

Stay on top of partners and budgets with realtime visibility into ad spend.

Real-time visibility into spend across channels and platforms guarantees you're prepared to make decisions quickly.

Drop reliance on 3rd party partners for reporting and spreadsheets

Eliminate the time consuming and error prone process of manually combining digital marketing data across platforms, channels, sites, and partners.

Know your actual return on ad spend (ROAS) with multi-touch attribution

Ensure vital decisions are made against accurate ROAS by looking at costs and revenues across correctly attributed channels.

Analyzing Data

Quickly surface insights in your data within Trialfire or directly using SQL

Align your organization on the most important metrics

Ensure that all stakeholders have access to the most important KPIs and reports through customizable dashboards that keep everyone informed, and teams aligned.

Visual reporting tools that democratize analytics

Answer sophisticated questions with ease with Trialfire's visual approach to reporting. Empowers stakeholders across your company with the data they need, when they need it, creating teams that are more data-driven, agile and performant.

Dig deeper with direct access via SQL

SQL continues to be one of the foundational technologies for Big Data. Trialfire provides an easy to work with SQL schema to fuel data science, and machine learning initiatives.

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Actioning Data

Fuel your systems with data to deliver more effective, targeted campaigns and experiences that delight customers

Data-driven marketing attribution for higher ROI

Trialfire enables you to make informed changes to your marketing campaigns based on a wholistic view of your multi-channel efforts.

Segment, target and communicate more effectively

With a 360 degree view of your customers' journey, including deeper visibility into their recency, frequency and monetary value, you can quickly segment your audience to optimize and personalize campaigns and experiences.

Leverage Trialfire data across the marketing stack

Connecting to the data collected and aggregated in Trialfire allows you to power your external systems from business intelligence tools, loyalty platforms and marketing automation systems.