Designed for the complexities
of today's marketing environment

Trialfire gives you the visibility you need to invest your
time and money where they will deliver the greatest returns

Gain complete visibility into your customers' path-to-purchase

Trialfire easily integrates into your digital properties, immediately giving you high fidelity visibility into each customer’s journey. For each person in your audience you'll see every campaign click, all of their on-site activity (down to clicks and key-presses) and any transactions, stitched together across their visits, devices, and offline events.

Correctly credit the marketing touchpoints that lead to conversion

Trialfire's advanced game-theory attribution is a data-driven model that analyzes all of the touchpoints along each customers path-to-purchase. Learn more about how Trialfire attribution works, and why it's the right solution for today's complex digital marketing environment here.

Centralize your spend, performance and customer data for a single source of truth

Consolidate your spend and performance data from the various marketing platforms you rely on. With one click integrations to common platforms like Facebook and Google, you'll be able to analyze your spend holistically to stay on top of budgets and key metrics like cost-per-acquisition.

Determine your true ROAS by comparing correctly attributed results against spend

Understanding your true ROAS is key to spending your next dollar optimally. By combining accurately attributed conversions with centralized ad spend, you'll avoid the headaches of double counting, conflicting performance data and platform bias that come with relying on multiple, disconnected platforms that each attribute results in a silo.

Easily segment and analyze your customers to surface LTV, CAC and other key metrics

Gain insight into your audience with powerful segmentation and analysis capabilities that help you understand the value of a customer, and how much you should be spending to acquire the next one. Generate cohort reports and audience segments to better understand the impact of your marketing, and to fuel more relevant and targeted campaigns.

Optimize conversions with the most intuitive visual analysis tools

Key to successfully guiding customers across their path-to-purchase is ensuring an optimal on-site experience. Trialfire's automatic tracking of all onsite activity guarantees you always have the data you need to optimize for conversion. A visual approach to analysis makes it easy to identify opportunities for optimization faster.


Key Capabilities

Each of Trialfire's features have been developed with the singular
objective of giving you the tools to make your best decisions

Quick Installation

Installation on your web properties and marketing systems is quick, easy, and can usually be done within hours if not minutes.

No-code tracking

Once integrated into your digital properties Trialfire automatically tracks every on-site event from page views down to clicks, field inputs, video views, and more.

Cross-device stitching

Trialfire reconciles identities and stitches visitor sessions together from across devices to give you full visibility across the path-to-purchase.

Visual event builder

Define complex behavioral events directly on-site, without code, for use retroactively across reports.

Impression tracking

Record an event when specific on-site content becomes 'visibile' or scrolls into view, rather than just when it's served.

View-through Pixel

Measure the influence of ad impressions across display ad networks with a specialized Trialfire view-through pixel.

Email Pixel

Understand the impact of email on your path-to-purchase and leverage click-throughs to reconcile devices and anonymous website activity.

Campaign Classifier

Clean up and classify campaign traffic based on query parameters, landing pages, and more to avoid having mis-tagged campaigns pollute your data.

Multi-touch attribution

Trialfire's collaborative game-theory approach to attribution correctly credits your marketing efforts, and provides comprehensive analysis tools to drill into results.

Centralized spend analytics

Seamlessly bring ad spend and performance data together. Holistically analyze and compare campaigns and tactics.

Performance-cost reconciliation

Reconcile ad spend down to the granular ad level against Trialfire attributed performance results.

Rich customer profiles

Combine campaign, behavioral and transactional data to get full visibility into each member of your audience.

Visual data explorer

Dig into your data faster with a specialized drill-down approach that eliminates the need to create manual rules and complex reports.

On-site reporting

With the Trialfire overlay, you can create trends, funnels and other reports by simply clicking on the UI elements you want to analyze directly on your website.

Segment builder

Easily build and analyze your audience based on campaign interactions, on-site behaviors, and purchase history.


Understand how people flow through any set of events including marketing touches and onsite behaviors.

Cohort analysis

Quickly gain visibility into customer habits, retention, and life-time value with cohort reporting.

Trend reports

Intuitive visualizations of time series data such as campaign interaction, on-site activity and transactions in an easy to use report builder.

Funnel reports

Measure the conversion rate of any set of steps to visualize fall offs and drill into to each step for further insight.

Heatmap Reports

Quickly visualize which on-page elements are being clicked, both at the page level and site-wide.

Automated analysis

Easily surface higher level metrics like customer lifetime value and customer acquisition cost without the need to create complex reports.

Advanced period comparisons

Quickly compare results in a way that handles the seasonality and buying patterns of your business.


Trialfire automatically converts transactions to your base currency for reporting at the real-time spot rate.

Comprehensive black-listing

Apply any number of rules to filter out data being sent to Trialfire and apply at-the-source field data filtering to ensure security and privacy compliance.

Real-time push integrations

Send tracked Trialfire events to any number of 3rd party tools in realtime to be recorded in other systems, or trigger events.

Customizable dashboards

Easily combine panels from across various reports into a centralized dashboard with various metrics, visualizations, and table data.

Emailed dashboards

Send dashboards on any interval to both internal and external stakeholders to keep everyone informed without the need to login to the platform.

CSV exporting

Export report data in CSV format for review, analysis or sharing outside the Trialfire platform.

Direct SQL access

Access all of your Trialfire data via SQL for use in other systems like data-warehouses, BI and 3rd party machine-learning platforms.

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