Spending your marketing dollars optimally?

Trialfire's marketing intelligence platform helps you be sure.

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Reveal the insights you need to acquire, convert, and retain customers.

Accurate Attribution

Know the true impact of your marketing

Trialfire tells you the true impact of your multi-channel advertising spend so you can quickly adjust budgets towards channels and campaigns that provide the highest return.

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Automated Insights

Find the needles in the haystack

Trialfire automatically tracks and analyzes millions of data-points about your customers and suggests ways to optimize for higher conversion rates and return on ad spend.

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Advanced Audiences

Get closer to your customers

Trialfire lets you understand your visitors and customers at the individual level to quickly build highly targeted marketing segments that result in higher conversion.

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Platform Overview Intelligent marketing powered by data-science.

Trialfire puts the power of data-science directly in the hands of the people that make marketing decisions - marketers.

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"Trialfire is awesome! It's an extremely useful platform. Not only can we quickly answer things we couldn't before, I've already created an automated report that will save me at least a day of work each month."

Adan De La Cruz, iLoveKickBoxing.com

Go beyond simply measuring.

Sophisticated tracking technology and machine learning combine to give you the answers you need to drive cost-effective growth.

Customers Journey Tracking

No-coding automated data collection that removes data blind-spots.

Trialfire automatically tracks all of your customer interactions, across the customer journey, and combines it with cost data from your advertising platforms like Facebook and AdWords. Since there’s no coding required, you’ll be setup in minutes, with unparalleled visibility into your campaigns, customers, and conversion drivers.

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Accurate Data-Driven Attribution

Accurate attribution based on analyzing every touch point along the customer journey.

Trialfire uses advanced attribution modeling that considers every single customer touch point to properly assign credit to marketing channels and campaigns. Rather than relying on antiquated and misleading attribution models like last-click, which may be costing you a lot of money, you’ll truly understand the return on your marketing investment.

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Automated Insights and Reporting

Analytics designed to give you answers, even when you don’t know which questions to ask

To help you optimize your campaigns even further, Trialfire uses proprietary machine learning to automatically analyze the millions of data points it collects about each of your individual customers. Without even knowing what questions to ask, Trialfire will provide you with answers and recommendations on how to improve your advertising ROI, on-site conversions, and more.

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Advanced Audience Segmentation

Drive more personalized campaigns by understanding your customers like never before

Trialfire automatically collects every single interaction you have with your customers, across domains and devices, you get a true 360 degree view. In just a couple of clicks you’re able to target and analyze customers based on their demographics, interests, and behaviors, to deliver more personalized, effective campaigns.

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