The right level of spend,
in the right mix of channels

Trialfire's attribution platform gives you visibility across your
customers' entire path-to-purchase, so you can deliver the
optimal results from the next marketing dollar you spend.

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Eliminate the obstacles keeping you from measuring the true performance of your marketing

To help you make the best decisions, Trialfire was developed to address the key challenges of collecting, connecting and interpreting your customer and marketing performance data.

Break down performance and customer data silos

When your customer and ad performance data live in several different systems it becomes impossible to reconcile and leverage for better decisions.

Eliminate advertiser double counting conversions

Advertising platforms like Facebook and Google each use their own tracking and attribution leading to multiple platforms taking 100% of the credit for the same result.

Evolve from last-touch and other flawed, rule-based attribution models

Relying on the last touch in a conversion funnel ignores all of the other influences along the path-to-purchase. The same flaw applies to other arbitrary, rules based models.

Avoid the biases that lead to sub-optimal decision making

Whether internal stakeholders or outside agencies, performance results are often presented and interpreted with bias, conscious or not. This bias also guides recommendations on what attribution model should be adopted.


Correctly crediting your results to the actual tactics that led to them, is key to spending your next dollar wisely

In today’s complex environment where it may take 6 or more interactions before a conversion, crediting tactics based on arbitrary rules, like the last advertisement someone clicked on, just doesn't cut it. That's why Trialfire employs advanced attribution based on collaborative game theory.


Trialfire tracks each individual across their unique path-to-purchase


All paths-to-purchase are continuously analyzed to determine which touch-points increase conversions


Touch-points are then given credit based on their marginal contribution to conversions


With visibility into the true performance of your marketing efforts, you can act faster to intelligently scale what’s working and eliminate unnecessary waste, while optimizing to the most granular level.

Higher ROAS

Faster Growth

Greater Loyalty

Increased Brand Value

Ensure you invest your next
marketing dollar optimally.