Customer Journey Analytics

Connect the Dots Across
the Customer Journey

From data collection, to reporting, to deeper analysis, Trialfire has re-envisioned customer journey analytics for the complexities of the digital era.

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Better Decisions
Better Outcomes
Begin with Better Data

Learn how Trialfire works to help you derive value from your data and use it to drive the move metrics that keep your business growing.

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A single pixel lets you automatically collect all campaign, behavioral, and on-site actions of your customers, linking it to an actual person.


Stitch together customer sessions across their devices, connect it to offline customer data, and enrich it all.


Bring performance data from multiple ad platforms together and unify it with customer data.


Whether its through the visual analysis tools in the Trialfire platform, or directly via SQL, surface insights that only our level of tracking allows.


Deliver better, more targeted communication by leveraging a deeper understanding of the people in your audience.


Empower diverse stakeholders
to make better decisions

The Trialfire platform allows diverse teams to tackle real world business challenges through the effective use of customer data. From marketing and experience, to internal user engagement, Trialfire allows you to transform fundamental processes in your business to make them better.

Marketing Attribution

Data-driven attribution and the ability to surface higher level metrics gives you the visibility needed to succeed in todays complex marketing environment.

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Behavioral Analytics

Track people from their first anonymous visit to their most recent transaction, to better understand customer behavior, drive conversion and deliver better experiences.

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Customer Data Platform

Execute better campaigns, drive loyalty and deeper engagement by having a better view of the people that make up your audience.

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See how a global automotive OEM connected their digital marketing and online customer behaviour to in-dealership sales.

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