Hello first-party data,
goodbye silos

Simple, effortless installation of 1st party tracking code that captures everything your visitors do. Trialfire does all the heavy lifting of identifying users across devices,tracking the “hard to track” stuff like view-throughs, CTV, Direct Mail and more. Your conversions line up with what's in your bank. No more double counting

Turn complex in to easy with automated classification

With the multitude of campaigns link tracking can be a nightmare. By automating the classification of inbound traffic into channels & sub channels you can avoid the classic “garbage in garbage out” problem of web analytics. Measure your ad performance however you organize your marketing; by channel, region, brand or product line.

Bring in your ad spend data with a just a few clicks

Google Ads, Facebook, Bing, LinkedIn, AdRoll, Criteo and many more. Trialfire connects to your ad providers' APIs and automatically pulls down your daily ad spend. An always up to date, integrated view of all your ad spend.

One attribution model to rule them all

Trialfire attribution is based on the Shapley Value. What does that mean? You get a predictive model based on the reality of what's happening. Marketing analytics thought leaders recognize Shapley Value & Markov Chains as the only two data-driven attribution models that produce realistic results.

Data-driven, multi-touch attribution based on the Shapley Value

The Shapley value formula (invented by economist Lloyd Shapley) is a solution to a problem in Collaborative Game Theory. The problem is how do you fairly split winnings amongst team members in a game where the members work together to win. The parallel to marketing is simple: the team members are your marketing efforts and the game is sales.

5 Reasons Why Shapley?

  • It's based on statistics. What is actually happening
  • It's not rule-based like last touch, first touch, weighted split, time decay or all the others
  • Shapley is fair. It ensures that channels get credit only when they add lift. Channels don’t get points for just being present in the journey.
  • A hands free model. No weightings, tuning or special considerations. The model tunes itself. No human intervention means no bias
  • It won a Nobel Prize (for real, it actually did)

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