Why Trialfire

The way people buy products
and services has changed

The linear path-to-purchase of the past has been
replaced by complexity and unpredictability

Marketers now have many
more levers at their disposal

Rapid decision making, informed by accurate data, is paramount to success

Optimal results come from
the right level of spend in
the right mix of channels

But there are many obstacles in the way

OBSTACLE 1Siloed customer and
performance data

When your customer and ad performance data live in several different systems it becomes impossible to reconcile and leverage for better decisions.

OBSTACLE 2Advertiser double counting
of conversions

Advertising platforms like Facebook and Google each use their own tracking and attribution leading to multiple platforms taking 100% of the credit for the same result.

OBSTACLE 3Flawed attribution
models like last-touch

Relying on the last touch in a conversion funnel ignores all of the other influences along the path-to-purchase. The same flaw applies to other arbitrary, rules based models.

OBSTACLE 4Biased analysis and

Whether internal stakeholders or outside agencies, performance results are often presented and interpreted with bias, conscious or not. This bias also guides recommendations on what attribution model should be adopted.

Addressing these obstacles requires:

Full visibility into each
customers' path-to-purchase


The ability to accurately
attribute conversions

Once you have the ability to correctly
measure performance
, you can invest
your next marketing dollar optimally

Higher ROAS

Faster Growth

Greater Loyalty

Increased Brand Value

That's why we built Trialfire

The only solution that uses proprietary full path-to-purchase tracking
and advanced collaborative game-theory attribution


Trialfire tracks each individual across their unique path-to-purchase


All paths-to-purchase are continuously analyzed to determine which touch-points increase conversions


Touch-points are then given credit based on their marginal contribution to conversions


Learn more about why collaborative game-theory
is the ideal approach for
marketing attribution.

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Ensure you invest your next
marketing dollar optimally.