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Data-driven marketing attribution for today's digital economy

Truly understand the impact of each marketing touchpoint along the customer journey to credit the right channels and optimize for the highest ROI.

The Challenge

Correctly crediting marketing touch points when customer journeys are so complex

Marketing channels work together, in concert to drive results. Yet more often than not reporting on the performance of channels is fragmented, biased and inaccurate making it next to impossible to get accurate ROI metrics.


Trialfire's Path-Analysis tool illustrates typical path-to-purchase journey. There are often 6-12 touch points before a conversion, illustrated by the flows to the box on the left.


Last click attribution models ignore the majority of the path-to-purchase giving 100% the credit to the last touch point before conversion.


Trialfire data-driven attribution considers all touchpoints and measures how they work together

Trialfire attribution uses the Shapley Value Formula to fairly attribute revenue or conversions to the right channels based on how they perform in concert. This is not something that can be achieved by a simple rule like what was the last ad that someone clicked on.

How it Works


Track each customer across their journey

Analyzes each person along their journey to determine the touch points that resulted in conversion or not.


Analyze all possible customer journey paths

Determines the marginal lift of each subsequent touchpoint to give credit to those channels that "drove" the conversions, not just participated.


Assign credit based on "lift" to conversion

Allows you to make decisions on which channels to adjust based on an accurate understanding of how touchpoints work together.