Measuring engagement made easy

Each person that visits your website is telling you something. Trialfire lets you listen to what they’re saying and use it to keep them coming back.

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Engagement is about people, not page-views

Trialfire adds engagement metrics to the analytics and marketing tools you already use. It’s the easiest way to track and score what people actually do on your website. With Trialfire’s engagement metrics you gain customer insight and deliver more effective campaigns

Track anything

with just a click

Track clicks, scrolls, videos, input and more without writing code or waiting for developers. It’s as easy as clicking through your website.

Engagement scoring

made simple

Apply an engagement score to anything you track. Its the most intuitive way to segment people based on their digital interactions



All it takes is the flip of a switch to send all the engagement data you collect to the analytics and marketing services you love.

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