The Secret Weapon For Online Marketers

The visual editor for setting up analytics.

Stop writing code or relying on someone else every time you want to track something on your website.
Trialfire lets you simply click on things to start tracking them, and sends what it collects to the analytics and marketing services you already use. No development. No bottleneck. No complexity.

Test the visual editor on your website

Track what people do, without writing code.

Trialfire’s visual editor lets you navigate through your website like a regular visitor, but on each click gives you the ability to add a ‘tracking pin’.  You can add a tracking pin to anything including links, button, and fields. Its that simple – no javascript or developers required.

Track what people do without writing code | Trialfire

Access what you track in the tools you already use

Trialfire sends the data it tracks to the analytics, marketing and CRM tools you use to grow your business. We have several one-click integrations and we’re constantly adding new ones.

Google Analytics Mixpanel KISSmetrics Intercom Totangologo_andmore

“I was able to set up Trialfire on our website and Hubspot pages, and start collecting actionable data in a matter of minutes.”

Bassem Hamdy


Score Your Visitor Actions | Trialfire

Easily identify your highest value actions and visitors

Trialfire’s visual editor lets you easily indicate what actions are the most important with a simple to understand star rating. You can then use the rating in your reports, to segment visitors, drive your marketing automation initiatives and score leads.


A GPS for Your User Behavior | Trialfire

See what you’re tracking right on your website

Just like a GPS shows you points of interest along a route, Trialfire shows you what actions you are tracking as you navigate through your site. Now you see exactly what you’re tracking, and how important it is.

Historical trending on every user action

Trialfire collects everything visitors do when they’re on your site – not just what you’ve pinned. This lets you click on anything on your site, including links, buttons, and fields, and get a historical trend giving you on-the-spot insight.

Historical trending of user activity | Trialfire