Set up your web analytics by clicking through your website.

Detailed tracking of what people do on your websites and apps, delivered to your favorite analytics and business systems, all without writing any code.

Trialfire | No Coding Real-time Analytics Collection

How does Trialfire make the magic happen?

It Collects Everything

Trialfire | Collect Everything
Trialfire automatically collects every user click on your sites or apps. It goes beyond page-views to provide deep insight into specific user actions and behaviours.


  • No need to pre-plan what to track
  • No waiting for data to accumulate
  • No waiting on internal IT or agencies

It Learns From You

Trialfire | Learn Mode

Trialfire lets busines people identify which events to track by simply navigating through websites and apps like a regular user would. No javascript – no developers required.


  • So you don’t have to write any code
  • So non-technical people can do it
  • So that its easy to change and optimize

It Sends Automagically

Trialfire | Send Automagically

Trailfire easily connects to your preferred analytics, reporting, and business systems, and automatically updates them with the user actions and behaviours it tracks.


  • You dont need to change your systems
  • You can leverage best-of-breed tools
  • You can send data to multiple targets