Unlock insights that keep you growing

The customer intelligence and analytics platform that removes obstacles to using data to grow your business.

Remove the barriers to becoming data-driven

With the insights you need at your fingertips, you'll be able to optimize your marketing across all phases of the customer lifecycle.

Target your highest value growth opportunities and maximize ROI

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers to execute better performing campaigns.

Optimize the customer experience to drive conversion and engagement

Gain deeper insight into on-site behavior to turn more visitors into customers.

Build deeper relationships and maximize customer lifetime value

Deliver targeted, personalized experiences that keep your customers returning.

The Trialfire Difference

Trialfire was developed with the goal of making it easy to answer the questions that help you grow your business - even if you never knew to ask them.

Automatically capture everything. No code required.

Once you add Trialfire to your site, it automatically tracks everything. Without the need to add custom tracking code, tags, or pixels, you won't need to rely on developers and you'll eliminate the blind-spots that arise when you're forced to specify what to track.

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The easiest way to get the answers you're looking for.

Trialfire replaces complex rules-based report builders with an intuitive visual approach built right on top of your website. Give everyone on your team the power to quickly get the answers they need to keep your business growing.

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The power of data science made accessible to all.

You don’t need know SQL or be a data scientist to produce actionable insights. Trialfire's visual approach to data analysis not only makes it easy to get answers – it points you toward the questions you should be asking.

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