Solutions | Customer Data Platform

Centralize customer data to fuel better decisions and campaigns

Gain a 360 degree view of your customers from their first anonymous visit to their latest transaction.

The Challenge

Customer data exists across multiple marketing systems that don't easily talk to one another

Customer data is often siloed - anonymous traffic data, email marketing systems, CRMs, order systems and more. This makes it extremely difficult to analyze customer value, deliver a cohesive communication strategy, and understand how efforts across the organization work together to achieve common goals.

A unified customer record

All the data about a person in your audience is maintained in a singular record.

Siloed customer data

An individual's data is fragmented across multiple disconnected systems.

The Solution

Collect and unify data across the customer journey

Trialfire connects anonymous and identified data across the customer journey. This allows you to analyze customers and segments, and use your data to action various marketing, loyalty and other programs.

How it Works


Track each customer across their journey

Natively track customer behaviors across their digital journey, attaching relevant information and traits.


Segment and analyze customer segments

Get everyone working from the same customer data. Gain deeper customer understanding through higher level metrics like customer lifetime value, time-to-purchase and more.


Get more personal with your customers

Leverage customer data for more effective marketing. Drive loyalty through targeted and personalized communication.