Solutions | Behavioral Analytics

Deliver better experiences
Convert more visitors

Trialfire removes the obstacles to tracking customer behavior across the journey providing high resolution visibility to support better decisions and drive better results.

The Challenge

Gaining the visibility needed to optimize conversions, customer experience and engagement

Traditional solutions like Google Analytics require a lot of coding and heavy lifting to deliver value. As a result much of the customer journey isn't tracked leaving marketing and customer experience teams with major blindspots in their data. These blindspots, along with the inability to tie actual people to their behaviors limits the ability to optimize for growth.

What people actually do

Trialifre's customer journey tool illustrates the type of actions that you should be tracking on your digital properties.

What traditional analytics track

By default tools like Google Analytics only track site visits and page-views ignoring valuable behaviours like clicks, inputs and more.


Eliminate blindspots by automatically tracking everything

Trialfire automatically tracks every interaction across all of your digital properties. Everything, including where the visit originated, all onsite activities like clicks and key-presses, and transactional data like orders and cart activities. Trialfire ensures you have everything you need to answer questions that help you convert more visitors and optimize the user experience.

How it works


Track all onsite activity automatically

Automatically track all onsite activity in the context of people from their first anonymous visit.


Analyze any user behavior with a click

Connect humans, with sessions, transactions and more gaining a full view of an individual across their journey.


Quickly identify opportunities and threats

Easily report on user behavior within Trialfire or by querying behavioral data using SQL.


Keep your important KPIs in focus

Robust reporting tools and beautiful, informative dashboard help tell the story behind the data.