Trialfire + criteo

Trialfire connects to Criteo to automatically import your ad performance and cost data.

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Centralize your spend, performance and customer data for a single source of truth

Bring all your spend and performance data from the various marketing platforms you use together. With one click integrations into the most common platforms like Facebook and Google, you'll be able to analyze at your spend holistically to stay on to of budgets and key metrics like cost-per-acquisition.

Correctly credit all of the touches that lead to a conversion with advanced attribution

Trialfire's advanced game-theory attribution is a data-driven model that analyzes all of the touches along each customers path-to-purchase to determines which provide marginal lift to determine weighting. Learn more about how Trialfire attribution works, and why it's the right solution for today's marketing complex marketing environment here.

Determine your true ROAS by comparing correctly attributed results against spend

Understand your true ROAS is key to spending your next dollar optimally. By combining accurately attributed conversions with centralized ad spend, you'll avoid the challenge of double counting and conflicting performance data that comes from relying on multiple disconnected platforms that each attribute result independently.

Easily segment and analyze your customers to surface LTV, CAC and other key metrics.

Gain insight into your audience with powerful segmentation and analysis capabilities that help you understand the value of a customer, and how much you should be spending to acquire the next ones. Dig deeper with powerful behavioral and transactional segmentation that helps you further understand the impact of your marketing activities, and generate targeted list to develop new ones.

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