Data-driven marketing attribution for today's digital economy

Only with an accurate understanding of marketing performance can you optimize for the highest ROI. Rules based attribution models like "last-click" don't account for the complexities of today's customer journeys.

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"We would have stopped spending on what was actually one of our most valuable marketing channels if we didn't start using Trialfire."

CMO, DTC Brand


Customer journeys are complex and unpredictable

There are often 8 or more touch-points along the customer journey leading to a conversion. More importantly, touch-points are inter-connected and influence one another, as shown below.

Most analytics platforms including Google Analytics, attribute conversions to marketing touch-points based on a simple rule. Usually "last-click", which gives sole credit to the last touch-point before a conversion. By looking at the diagram below, its easy to see the flaw in this approach, based on how much of the customer journey is ignored.

By looking at attribution in the context of the customer journey, its easy to see where traditional rule based attribution models fail. More importantly, it shows that without accounting for all of the relevant touch-points along the customer journey, investment decisions could be made based on misleading information.

"We now make decisions based on an accurate understadning of ROAS."

Director of Digital Marketing, SaaS ISV


Analyze all touchpoints, measure how they work together, and assign credit based on their impact to conversion

Trialfire attribution uses an approach based on Nobel prize winning "collaborative game-theory". It credits marketing channels and touch-points based on how they perform in concert. This ensures marketing investment decisions can be made based on an accurate understanding of what's actually working and what isn't.

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How it Works

Learn how Trialfire works to help you derive value from your data and use it to drive the move metrics that keep your business growing.


Track each customer across their journey

Trialfire tracks each person along their journey, stitching together their sessions, the campaigns and touch-points that brought them, and all of their onsite behavior - automatically.


Analyze all customer paths - those that convert and those that don't

Trialfire then analyzes all customer journeys to determine how combinations of touch-points work together to drive conversions.


Credit channels based on "lift" to conversion

While continuosly analyzing new journeys, Trialfire assigns the credit to the correct channels based on their contribution.


Make decisions based on accurate measurement of ROAS

Conversions are then comparing against advertising costs automatically pulled into Trialfire from Facebook, Adwords and more, showing a reliable and accurate measurement of return on ad-spend.


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