Product Updates - March 2019

Product Updates - March 2019

Pie-charts added to dashboards now support comparison periods.

When you place a breakdown from an Explore panel on a dashboard as a pie-chart, you’re now able to see the changes in slices over time. This lets you easily visualize how specific dimensions change from one period to the next. Additionally, if you’ve got small slices which get automatically grouped into an ‘other’ slice, you can click the slice to zoom into it.

Help is here. Enhanced documentation now available.

Trialfire Help Documentation

This month we’ve introduced extensive new documentation for Trialfire. Included are several screenshots and animations to help you understand how to get the most out of the platform. We suggest starting with a review of the platforms Key Concepts .

Michael Lieberman
Michael Lieberman  Co-founder @ Trialfire. Startup guy with mutliple exits with a love for product and marketing.

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