Michael Lieberman

Product Updates – February 2019

  • Goal Flow Reports (Beta)
  • Enhanced View-Thru API

Path Flow Analysis for Customer Journey

Goal Flow Reports (Beta)

Introduced this month is a powerful new reporting tool for analyzing paths through your site. Trialfire’s Goal Flow reports allow you to understand the series of behaviours (visits, clicks, page-views, inputs) that lead to an end goal. Once you select an end goal, like a Completed Order, you can choose different behaviours to consider in the path analysis in order to visualize those paths.

From visualizing customer journeys across their touch-points, to quickly identifying clicks that result in page not founds (404), the Trialfire Goal Flow report lets you surface some extremely valuable insights.

Schedule a walkthrough to learn more about how to use the Goal Flow reports.

Enhanced Display Analysis with the Trialfire View-Through API

We’ve recently enhanced Trialfire’s view-through tracking capabilities giving you more control over how to handle view through time frames. In addition to setting a timeout window for view-through visits that reclassify subsequent non-campaign visits (ie. Direct), you can now define a shorter-term window to classify all subsequent visits.

view through example illustration

As an example, let’s say a visitor sees a display ad. Within the override period (say 8 hours) they visits the site by clicking on a branded ad at the top of a Google search. Rather than crediting the paid ad, the traffic would be attributed to the Display ad.

In this months use case post we talk more about measuring view throughs, attributing Display ads and how the Trialfire View-Through API can help.

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