Michael Lieberman

Product Updates – January 2019

  • Updated User Interface and Workflows
  • Channel (re)Classification
  • Cohort Analysis within Funnels

Trialfire New UI Screenshot

Updated User Interface

Trialfire has recently received a facelift. We’ve introduced several UX enhancements designed to make analysis and reporting workflows even easier. More importantly many of the changes we’ve introduced are designed to allow for the introduction of several new report types and analysis features planned for release throughout 2019.

Channel (re)Classification

Channel Classifier Introduction Animation
Trialfire Channel Classifier Example

As part of our most recent release, we’ve introduced the ability to reclassify traffic into correct or custom channels. This enhancement ensures that any analysis at the marketing channel level is done with the most accurate data possible. Furthermore it allows you to create specialized channels that work hand in hand with the data-driven attribution models in Trialfire.

January’s featured Best Practice details why this type of functionality is so important and how you can use it to get even greater insights into your marketing mix.

Cohort analysis within Funnels

Analyzing funnel conversion rate by cohort
Analyzing funnel conversion rate by cohort

Trialfire makes it simple to build sophisticated funnels based on user behaviour. Now you’re able to look at how a conversion rate through a funnel breaks down based on cohorts based on any properties of the events in step 1 of the funnel. This gives you the ability to then quickly compare conversion rates and time through the funnel by cohort.

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