Platform / Audience Get closer to your customers.

Gain unparalleled insight into your audience in order to fuel better campaigns across the entire customer journey.

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It's about people, not pixels.

From analyzing the value of customer segments to driving more personalized marketing campaigns, Trialfire helps you get closer to your customers.

Rich Customer Profiles

Meet the people behind the data points

Trialfire automatically tracks each visitor across their journey, adding detail with every visit. It tracks people, not pixels, so you can understand each visitor journey, across domains, devices and more. From campaign interaction to on-site behavior, purchase detail and social profiles, Trialfire gets you closer to your customers.

Segmentation and Targeting

Build actionable audience segments in seconds

Targeting the right people through Trialfire is super quick and easy. Not only are you automatically provided with a visual breakdown of your audience that lets you understand its makeup like never before, your just a couple of clicks from building granular segments that you can use to kick-up your targeting abilities.

Full journey visibility

Detailed customer journey history at your fingertips

Trialfire visually lays out each step in the customer journey, allowing you to dig into specific sessions. Gain unparalleled view into how your customers interact with you. Answer questions for various stakeholders from marketing, through to user-experience, development, support and more.