Platform / Attribution Accurate Attribution.

Heuristic-based attribution models like last-click, while easy to report on, lead marketers to flawed conclusions.

Trialfire eliminates this costly problem by leveraging machine learning to analyze the complete customer journey in order to fairly assign credit to the campaigns that truly provide lift.

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Your attribution model impacts every marketing decision you make.

Trialfire gives you the confidence that your decisions are based on an accurate understanding of how effective your marketing really is.

Know what's truly impacting growth

Truly quantify the impact and return on ad-spend on key business objectives like acquisition, sales, opt-ins, high-value and repeat purchases, and more.

Eliminate data discrepancies and silos

Understand how your various marketing channels and campaigns work together to drive growth. Your marketing doesn’t work in isolation, why analyze it that way.

Spend your time and money wisely

Rather than spending time corralling data from across reporting platforms, focus on creating, testing, and optimizing your campaigns for cost-effective growth.

Our Methodology

Trialfire leverages Nobel prize winning mathematics to fairly attribute credit to the channels and campaigns that truly provide impact.

When it comes to attribution, channels and campaigns never work in isolation. People are influenced by what they see, when they see it and how often. While often relied upon by marketers, heuristic attribution models like last-touch simply cannot account for all these factors and the complex interplay between the various "touch-points".

Trialfire’s approach, based on collaborative game-theory, works by analyzing all of the interactions across every one of your customer journeys – a task too complicated for a human. Rather than simply looking at the first or last touch, Trialfire takes into consideration every touch point along the way, then fairly assigns credit to each campaign based on its marginal impact on conversion. The result is that you get an accurate understanding of what drives your success, without the self-serving bias of heuristic attribution models or advertising platform providers whose interests are getting you to increase overall spend.

Is your attribution model leading you to the wrong conclusions?

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