Platform / Analytics Automated Insights.

Trialfire not only makes it easier to get answers to the questions you know to ask, it guides you to those you never thought to ask.

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Measuring isn't enough.

Nice charts and graphs don’t help you grow your business. Knowing what’s affecting your metrics does.

No-coding setup that automatically tracks everything

Trialfire integrates into your site with a single tracking tag, eliminating the need to add any custom tags or code to track on-site behaviors.

Data blind-spots are one of the biggest obstacles to successful analytics projects. To ensure you're always in the know, Trialfire automatically tracks every click, keypress, video play, and many other on-site interactions without any custom code or tagging.

Let us find the needles in the haystack

You don’t have all day to dig through data, so we automatically analyze it to show you ways to drive cost-effective growth.

Trialfire analyzes millions of data points to help identify factors that are positively or negatively affecting desired outcomes like visits, opt-ins, conversion, repeat purchases and more.

Answer your most pressing questions with ease

Contextual analysis that lets you quickly get the answers you need, while guiding you to deeper insights.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why Trialfire lets you build trends, funnels and more in real-time, directly on your site. Spend less time trying to get the answers you need, and more time acting on your insights.