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Deeper insight faster.

Features and functionality designed to help you surface actionable insights at lightning speeds.


Automatically track everything, no code required

Trialfire automatically tracks everything people do when they visit your website. This eliminates the need to write and maintain custom tracking code or tags, and ensures there are no blind spots in your analytics data.

On-Site Behaviour

Track every click, input, navigation and more, across all your sites. No custom code or tracking tags.

Device Graph (Cross-device)

Auto-identify and reconcile people across the various devices they use to visit your site.

Purchase Behaviour

Collect shopping behaviours using our pre-built connectors for e-commerce platforms like Magento and Shopify.

Campaign Attribution

Capture campaign data throughout the customer journey, from first to last touch and every visit in between.

Enriched Demographics

Enrich your customer data with demographic information collected on your site and from other public sources.

Social Profiles

Automatically collect customers' Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social information in their profile.


Your most important metrics front and center for everyone

Trialfire makes it easy to keep your entire team on the same page with fully customizable dashboards. Add key metrics, charts, and reports to your dashboards to keep your team informed, even when they are on the go.

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Understand your visitors and customers like never before

Trialfire lets you deeply understand your audience and each of the individuals that comprise it. By automatically tracking customers across their lifecycle, you'll be able to easily target segments or individuals based on their behaviours or personal traits.

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Build actionable marketing segments in just a few clicks

Trialfire lets you visualize your audience across a multitude of dimensions and then easily drill into any of them. You'll have what you need to target specific segments and execute more effective, personalized marketing campaigns.

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Sort and search through your audience by any attribute

Trialfire lets you quickly find people in your segments. Search for a person by name, or sort your segment by total spend to see who your highest value customers are.

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Rich profiles let you get personal with each of your customers

Trialfire creates a detailed profile for each of your customers by compiling their behavioral, transactional, social, and demographic information into a single view.

Enrich your customer profiles with their social information

Trialfire automatically collects social information about each of your customers and adds it to their profile. You'll be able to quickly find influencers among your audience and leverage them in your social marketing campaigns.

Follow your customers along their journey

Trialfire shows you each step in the customer journey from their first, to their most recent visit. See what campaigns drove each visit, what devices were used, and even drill into each visit to see the actions performed. Whether it's to understand the behaviors of your top customers, to validate the legitimacy of a transaction, or to help address a customer service issue, you'll be able to easily get the answers you need.

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Ask questions about your site, directly on your site

With Trialfire you use your own website as the start point when building reports. Want to see how many people clicked on a call-to-action button? Click the button! Because Trialfire automatically tracks everything, anything on your site, including buttons, inputs, links and more, can be measured with just a click.

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Measure what matters most

Trialfire gives you several ways to measure and analyze any action. For example you can easily switch between measuring the people that performed an action or the number of times it was performed. For transactions you may want to measure revenue. Intelligent and insightful contextual options are all automatically provided for you.

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Explore your data and get to deeper insights, fast

For every action you trend, Trialfire shows you details about the action, the people that performed it, the visit in which it was performed, and more. The visualizations not only help you understand how your trend breaks down, it lets you quickly filter your data to zoom in to the answers you're looking for.

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Find the leaks in any conversion process

Trialfire lets you analyze any conversion flow in real-time by performing the actions you want to measure directly on your site. See how many people make it through the funnel, find out where the fall-offs are, and use these insight to optimize any flow.

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Quickly understand how any conversion flow is performing

Trialfire makes it easy to analyze how a particular flow or conversion process performs. Simply perform the actions you want to measure directly on your site. You'll see how many people make it through the process and where the falloffs are. For those people that complete the steps you'll also see the average, shortest and longest time through the funnel.

Breakdown your funnel to compare conversion for different segments

Trialfire shows you how a funnel conversion breaks down across both visit and visitor dimensions. The visualizations help you to better understand the people going through the funnel and allow you drill down to see the conversion for a specific group.

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See how different visitors interact with your site

Trialfire shows you what elements on your site are getting interacted with the most, to give you deep insight into page level conversion and CTAs. You can then compare those interactions for different user segments.

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Additional custom tracking, without custom tracking code

While Trialfire automatically tracks all on-site interactions, there are cases where you need to collect more. Trialfire's visual tracking pin functionality gives you even more ways to collect and use your data.

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Compare performance for a dynamic set of page elements

Trialfire gives you the ability to create custom tracking events that let you compare dynamic content performance. For example, you can add a Trialfire tracking pin to a group of rotating promotional elements to see which performs best. You can then use these events in any Trialfire report.

Track when a visitor sees a particular piece of content

Trialfire View Pins let you track when a visitor has seen a specific element on your site. This can be an ad, image, error message, or any other piece of content that is important.

Track what people type into a field and save it to their profile

Trialfire lets you save data entered into any field to a visitor's profile. For example, when a visitors enters their email into a newsletter signup field, Trialfire adds it to their profile.

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Send events tracked by Trialfire to your marketing tools

Events that are tracked by pins can be forwarded to your marketing tools. Use one of our pre-built connectors or setup a Webhook.


Even more ways to collect and access your customer data

Email Tracking

Add a Trialfire tracking pixel to your email templates to get open email tracking directly in Trialfire. You can also use email click-throughs to identify anonymous web traffic.


In addition to automatically tracking all on-site behaviours, Trialfire provides a robust JavaScript API for event tracking and identification.

Offline Data

Trialfire gives you the ability to integrate your offline data (POS, marketplace) and reconcile it with your web data. This provides a full omni-channel view of your customers.

Direct SQL Access

In addition to accessing your data through the Trialfire interface, you can gain access to all raw data collected by Trialfire for use in other BI tools like Tableau.